Yes, I've been holding out on you.

So, I have this book I made.  I called it Jaune.  I thought of doing something with it, then decided to hold out, and I think its resigned to being a sort of creature of hodgebodge exposure, derived from hodgebodge feelings during tough times of the twenties (as opposed to current good times :) ). Hodgebodge is a brilliant word. Well anyway, I had reserves about doing anything with it since I didn't start it with that intention, but if I remember correctly one of the last conversations with my friend Justin (among other topics) involved him telling me to 'just do it' in regards to doing something with the comicbook.  And, I've been building up a book idea involving him..which I have to get myself going on... that I think will be a solid comic story and more compassionate. This one, Jaune, I feel has become the precursor testing ground and a sort of emotional vomit (pardon the crudeness), which unfortunately I'm sure many folk can relate to.  Also, Scott mentioned the idea of putting it online... well, I'll put some up here. It has quite appropriately been called ADD as a whole, therefore, I'll post some of the 'best of". Some is on my website too in the art section.. which, yes I know, is a bit defunked at the moment.
Some are a bit bleached out in photoshop... its been a hodgepodge process as well.. :)  I'm going to leave you a bit hanging here...  there is a progressing development, despite the different formats and settings.  Its a pretty big collection of drawings in one Moleskin.  Technically what I did, was I had a "bad sketchbook" and a "good sketchbook", I worked out ideas in the bad, drew them up in the good, with regular mechanical pencils.  OH yea, the ones with the doors and elevator you have to read straight across the pages, in rows... i know its a little confusing.. i was treating it has one big page for a while.  The others you read down the page and then to the next page like a normal comic.