Its done! I had the books printed and they are ready to sell.  Tricky thing is, if you actually want one, I'm still working on the whole long-distance sales thing.  Its a bit busy at the moment and I don't exactly have things set up for taking orders.  If you see me every day, awesome!  I'm selling them for $10 a piece.  A collection of comics, vignettes in the life of myself and friends in Los Angeles, dealing with relationships gone wrong and adjusting.  This book is for anyone who's experienced heartbreak, currently dealing with a break-up, can relate to it, or simply wants to laugh at those miserable moments we all have at some point.  Have a friend dealing with a break-up? Never think you will find "the one"?  I'm telling you, this will make you laugh and say "Oh man, YES! That's what its like!".... Or so other ladies have told me, who've read this little comicbook.  ;)  But its not just for ladies! Oh no boys, its funny for you too.  Reputable sources here at the Cartoon Factory tell me so.  Limited copies: get one soon!

approx. 92 pages.  4.25" x 6.875" Color cover. B/W inside. $10