Student Films

Well, its been long enough now that I can put my student films on the internet! See the youtube link on the side there? You can watch them right here! They aren't really in festivals anymore, been a few years.. it was great to have them traveling around for a while there. Only wish I could have gone along with them! I've also taken down my website, and am working on relinking the domain name to here for the time being. This is a more up-to-date (and easier to update) source, though unfortunately it meant taking down a lot of older art and the whole post-card theme which I love. Don't expect postcards to disappear forever though...they'll come back on a new site eventually! Part of what went down was all the secret links to my Wrigley Institute work and Thesis film artwork.... so I'll have to track down some images from my concept/design work for Summer Storm to attach here. My main caveats are that Night Light is from undergrad, shot on a VHS camera with very poor resolution, so the colors are not what they should be, nor the image quality. Also, Summer Storm is squished looking, since it was made at an HD format and smashed into a different sized quicktime... more complicated than it should have been, but there you go.