The Searchers: shot construction

Not that long ago, I had some down-time and my officemate at the time, Brian, recommended I watch THE SEARCHERS. I couldn't remember if I had seen it, regardless, I thought it was amazing by the end. A different style of filmmaking from where I think we have evolved to now, (since it was obviously intended for a VERY large screen) but an incredible example for deconstructing and understanding shots...used in the most direct way, and by no means out dated. To let it sink in further, I did some tracing and drawing over shots, trying to mimic the shading without using the desaturate tool and point out for myself why things work. Here are a few of results. Whats interesting in the shot of her watching John Wayne ride off, is that the clouds even work in the composition to lead the eye... pretty amazing, and probably accidentally intentional... which seems to be something only live-action can do. We create intentional accidents.