Story Auction

A little late, but here is a post of the two paintings I contributed to our INSANELY successful auction at work, in the story department. We raised money to decorate our common hangout area (part of it is going to charity as well). So many of the guys (and other gal, Emma) made AMAZING work that went for deservedly amazing prices! Which, very early on I could no longer afford, and therefore have come out without purchasing anything. But it was really inspiring to see everyone's own ideas/styles on display. These paintings were each 5 inches square and go together as a little set. I'm actually not sure who ended up with them. Last I knew, two women were in a bidding match over them... which was a fun ego boost, I must say. :) These are in the vain of the sort of style/themes I've been working with. I like using flat space, well, sometimes with an occasional hint* of depth and some very bright colors. Thematically... hopefully coming off with some humor and not cringes. Its called "Tiger Lilly kicks Wendy." The blond hair inspired by the Mary Martin version of Peter Pan, and the idea coming from my friend Sara giving me the noun "feather" to run with.

On a smaller, more embarrassing note, I sang with the story band Plot Device, after the auction. It was nice that things have fizzled out, since I was nervous... silly I know, but I haven't sang in front of people since.... high school! (not counting karaoke ). But, I think I did alright... considering I'm not a singer. Man, singing with a live band.... a LOT harder than it seems... especially without drums. Another thing to add to the list of super respect for those who do it all the time. Rock n' Roll rock n' roll bands. rock n' roll.