Corny Cole

Article about Corny

Corny Cole, an amazing artist and inspiring drawing instructor, lost the majority of his life's drawings and irreplaceable pets recently in the fires of Southern California.  Most of you probably already know and have been sending donations to help him out.  Corny is truly an amazing person, his art is incredible, but that aside, he is simply a very caring and wonderful human being.  He was certainly a highlight of my USC experience, and later spending time with him teaching at CSSSA up at Calarts.  Here are some photos I took from CSSSA 2005.  

There seems to still be interest in doing an Art Auction to raise money for him.  I hope the idea doesn't fizzle out.  I'll be working on a painting from  an older drawing I did while in his class.  Its called "Grace Crosses the Atlantic."  The drawing was on paper and I've been digitally painting over it to work out color.  Though it will be painted on a canvas with acrylic.  Color is still a whole new battle ground for me.  Anyway, if an Auction happens for Corny, this painting is the current plan for it.