Evolution of ME Style

My friend Sara sent me a link today.  This kid is brilliant.  I thought, wow, well I was never as cool as this kid, but had my fair share of eccentricity of style with where I was...Virginia Beach.  And I started doing a drawing of my outfit I thought was SO awesome in 6th grade... had these red and white stripe tights.  If another kid ever made fun of me, I didn't hear it.  Plus I wasn't in a mindset to care if they had... probably a more odd eccentricity of middle school than clothing.  By 8th grade I was tiny but wearing skirts my Mom wore in high school in the late 60s! (and she thought she was fat?!)  Well, I decided to draw some outfits from grade school, from first day of Kindergarden up to High School.  Just a few, and really, these aren't the most bizarre ones obviously, but some of the favorite ones I remember.  I have to say, I still love drawing outfits, I don't know how other lady-artists feel, but I was always disappointed in the lack of outfits in cartoons.  

Okay, I had so much fun doing these that I went back in and added 'college' and 'now'.  Now is with a coat...what can I say, thats San Francisco.