Toys from my Story

So, when they were making TS3, I drew up as many of the toys I could remember having as a kid. I wasn't working as a Story Artist on that particular film... more a scratch artist...but was in the mix for a day with brainstorming Bonnie's new toys. A fun little perk of being a woman, when they're developing for a girl character! Drew these up quickly and had a ton of fun doing it. I have to say, it was pretty great to be in the mix of making that movie.. even if just in a smidgen sort of way. My husband worked on it, and I'm proud to brag, invented Mr. Pricklepants! I distinctly remember.. "I'm going to put in this little German Hedgehog, like one I had when I was a kid. He'll probably get cut-out, he's too strange, but I'm going to try anyway." Well, he might not have said that EXACTLY, but it was along those lines. WOO! Pricklepants Prevails!!