Old Website

If you knew of me about 7 years back, I had a website that was a lot more interesting... a lot more confusing to navigate, but definitely more fun.  I kind of love that site.  I had all sorts of hidden links that you could only find by exploring, including some goofy animation clips from my time on Catalina Island with the Microbiologists (a whole other story).  So, I may get around to redoing it in the same style, or at least finding a way to link to the old one, just for fun.  In any case,  I was going through some old art/web files and found some of the images.  Grad school was a really full, creative time; simultaneously making films, completing assignments, taking film courses, and gesture drawing.  I even took a ballet class and joined a choir for a semester!  You have to utilize all that time and resources while you are in film/art school!  I am also all about saving your artwork and films to revisit in the future.  You never know what old idea could inspire something new.