Waves Short Film

Waves is a short film idea I pitched, while working at Pixar. You may have heard, and its true, that pitching shorts is an open process. I have pitched short films twice in my about 8 years.  Three different ideas each time, so a total of six.  So far, none of them went any further than a pitch. So I had them legally carved out, and have been piddling around with the idea of doing something with them.  For this idea, I loved the possibility of what it could look like in CG animation.  No other medium would do it justice.  The bubbles, the fractured light, mist and movement! Though because of that, its a little out of my realm to personally make it a film,  considering the computers, money and man power it requires.  I had a lot of fun doing the concept paintings for it, so I decided to go ahead and post the development art. 

The concept is a young surfer, who decides to take on the big waves. She is confident and strong-willed, but they just keep taking her down! The waves are personified as a hand, swooping her up, pushing her down, tumbling her around! She fights them, trying to do everything her way, but ultimately has to learn the art of 'going with the flow', to find harmony with the waves. She finds herself guided and lifted by them in the end. 

It was thought out enough to have a theme and concept, but story details hung in the air. I played with the idea of dolphins taunting or guiding her. Also whether or not she was an amateur or experienced surfer. I toyed with the idea of a face in the waves, though felt hands were interesting and strong enough as an image. Plus, if you have ever been pummeled by a wave, you know it feels like someone is jostling you around and pulling your under!  The images below are a variety of beat boards for the short. 

I grew up, fairly close to the ocean and loved riding waves. Usually body surfing or boogie boarding. The ocean is its own character and life force. I was also really inspired by the incredible footage of surfers out there. I hope your imaginations can fill in the blanks of how amazing this idea would be in motion!