Lolly's Box.. yea you can finally watch it for free

So, every once and a while I have to do a google search on myself to find out where my films are. Sometimes I get emails, sometimes not.  USC owns and distributes your films if you ever made a student film there.  Which is mostly good, and they don't really retain prize money or anything (I don't think).  Though, alas, little did I know USC put my film on the internet.  Well,  Lolly's Box at least.  This quicktime is pretty low res.  The original is actually HD and really crisp.  But as far as I know USC is one of the only places with HD projector.  wha wa (that was a sound effect by the way).  Its run its course in film festivals.  This little film has done wonders, including getting me to Annecy, France and gaining a student Academy Award nomination (had to throw that in there... it shocked me!)  .. OH, and to end yet again with alluding to another masterful film of someone elses, you should check-out a True student Academy Award winning short, my friend Shih-Ting's film:  Viola: The Traveling Rooms of a Little Giant (thats part of it anyway).

I'll update eventually, but you never know when :)