Someday You Will Be Loved

Interesting link. I guess this person decided to do a version of our video. What do they say? Copying is the greatest form of compliment? If you don't know... well... now I'm going to tell you: couple years ago, I worked as the head animator for a Death Cab music video for "Someday You Will Be Loved", concept by Ace Norton. It was a pretty excruciating animation process. The x-sheet was very intricate, having to shoot straight ahead (mostly for time constraints). I had gone through the song in Final Cut, breaking down the song to find the rhythm for the heart beat to sync up. We shot in a garage on a slightly too-tall green-screen set up (only for it to end up just a black background.. oh well). Fortunately two awesome friends and animators David Bazelon and Hsin-I Tsung (now married which is also awesome!) helped animate with me and constructed the rats from strange toys and clay bits. They are definitely unbeatable when it comes to patience and enthusiasm. I think my body took a solid week to recuperate from animating 3 1/2 minutes in 2 days, and might have knocked a solid week of the end of my life. BUT, in the end we were really proud of it. I made all the hearts, which, if I remember right were on something like a 4 heart cycle, then making big versions and small versions and scarred versions... yea it was pretty old school style animation. I gave Ace a few, but I have most of them still, in a box. 3 on my wall actually. I have to say I really love stop-motion. The tactile quality and permanence of the outcome. The real video folks. (which obviously was not put in the right ratio... again, oh well) And yea, we built up all that red clay, the bandage and respirator hands are mine, the band-aid one is Ace, the hammer arms are Hsin-I. And too top this off with something extraordinary in stop-motion: I recently I made a new friend at work, Carlo, who made an AMAZING animated short you should check out: For Sock's Sake.